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2021-04-24: News Headlines

Kevin Barry (2021-04-25). The True Story of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" globalresearch.ca For long version of original Kevin Barry article, click For over a century, various entities that are involved in the propaganda machinery that has been tasked by the powers-that-be to advance American patriotism and corporate profiteering …

WSWS (2021-04-24). Far-right Vox leader issues fascistic call to end lockdowns in Spain. wsws.org Denouncing anti-COVID-19 lockdowns, Abascal justified fascist coups, claiming the 1936 coup toppled a "criminal regime controlled by socialists and communists."

Nicola Magnavita, Francesco Chirico, Angelo Sacco (2021-04-24). [Correspondence] COVID-19: from hospitals to courts. thelancet.com Michele Usuelli1 raised two questions to the international scientific community. First, whether there were errors in the management of the COVID-19 health emergency in Lombardy, Italy. Second, whether having 20 regional health services across Italy is useful in controlling a pandemic.

Roger Annis (2021-04-24). NATO Raises Military Tensions against Russia over False Accusations of Russian Threats against Ukraine. dissidentvoice.org A new round of disinformation and threats against Russia is being staged by the NATO military powers and their state and corporate media outlets. The backdrop is the continued military occupation and aggression by Ukraine in sections of the Donbas region in the east of the country, combined with the Ukrainian government's ongoing refusal to …

Anonymous669 (2021-04-24). Drone Strike Targets Iranian Tanker Anchored Off Syria's Main Oil Terminal (Photos). southfront.org Click to see full-size image. | On April 24 afternoon, an unidentified drone targeted a tanker anchored off Syria's main oil terminal in the town of Banias. | In an official statement, the Ministry of Oil and Natural Resources said that the hostile drone came from the direction of Lebanon's waters. The ministry also said that a fire caused by the strike was put down by the tanker's crew."Firefighters controlled by the fire which erupted in one of the oil tanker's sections off the oil terminal in Banias," the statement reads.

sputniknews (2021-04-24). Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Reportedly Takes Jab at UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. sputniknews.com This is not the first time that the Swedish climate activist has poked fun at national leaders. Thunberg has repeatedly trolled former US President Donald Trump as well as former US secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, after the two criticised her protest campaign.

Jack Heyman, Labor Action Committee (2021-04-24). Spirited SF Protest at KQED/NPR for Showing "Philly DA" That Censors Mumia…..Again. indybay.org On April 20, the day after Mumia's open heart surgery his supporters in San Francisco held a spirited demonstration initiated by the Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal (LAC) to protest the Independent Lens TV series "Philly DA".

Mario A. Murillo (2021-04-24). Was 'Fake News' a Natural Outcome of Our 'Give the People What They Want' Corporate Media System? commondreams.org Where did all this "fake news" coming from and can it be defeated by a new media model based in public interest? | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files…

sputniknews (2021-04-24). Trump Hails 'Forensic Audit' of Arizona Vote as Harbinger of Doom for Dems. sputniknews.com Despite conceding power to Democrat Joe Biden on January 20, former president Donald Trump has continued to insist he was the victim of massive ballot fraud in the November 2020 presidential election. Arizona's Republican-controlled state Senate is set to prove or disprove his claim.

thelancet (2021-04-24). [Department of Error] Department of Error. thelancet.com Marson A, Burnside G, Appleton R, et al. The SANAD II study of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of valproate versus levetiracetam for newly diagnosed generalised and unclassifiable epilepsy: an open-label, non-inferiority, multicentre, phase 4, randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2021; 397: 1375—86—Appendices 3 and 4 of this Article have been corrected as of April 22, 2021.

Kim A Papp, Mark A Weinberg, Alun Morris, Kristian Reich (2021-04-24). [Articles] IL17A/F nanobody sonelokimab in patients with plaque psoriasis: a multicentre, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2b study. thelancet.com Treatment with sonelokimab doses of 120 mg or less showed significant clinical benefit over placebo, with rapid onset of treatment effect, durable improvements, and an acceptable safety profile.

Vinh Q Dang, Lan N Vuong, Tam M Luu, Toan D Pham, Tuong M Ho, Anh N Ha, Binh T Truong, Anh K Phan, Dung P Nguyen, Thanh N Pham, Quan T Pham, Rui Wang, Robert J Norman, Ben W Mol (2021-04-24). [Articles] Intracytoplasmic sperm injection versus conventional in-vitro fertilisation in couples with infertility in whom the male partner has normal total sperm count and motility: an open-label, randomised controlled trial. thelancet.com In couples with infertility in whom the male partner has a normal total sperm count and motility, intracytoplasmic sperm injection did not improve the livebirth rate compared with conventional IVF. Our results challenge the value of the routine use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection in assisted reproduction techniques for this population.

MISES (2021-04-23). Texas Ended Lockdowns And Mask Mandates: Now Locked-Down States Are Where Covid Is Growing Most — OpEd. eurasiareview.com By Ryan McMaken* | Early last month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced he would end the state's mask mandate and allow most businesses to function at 100 percent capacity. | The response from the corporate media and the Left was predictable. California governor Gavin Newsom

Alfred de Zayas — Richard Falk (2021-04-23). Reflections on Genocide as the Ultimate Crime. counterpunch.org The misuse of the word genocide is disdainful toward relatives of the victims of the Armenian massacres, the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide — and as well a disservice to both history, law, and the prudent conduct of international relations. We already knew that we were adrift in an ocean of fake news. It is far more dangerous to discover that we are also at risk of being immersed in the turbulent waters of "fake law". We must push back with a sense of urgency. Such a development is not tolerable.

news.un (2021-04-23). UN-led aid convoy brings 23 tonnes of humanitarian goods across contact line in east Ukraine. news.un.org Twenty-three tonnes of urgently needed aid items have reached the eastern Ukrainian province around Donetsk, after a humanitarian convoy crossed the contact line into non-Government-controlled territory, the UN said on Friday.

Steve Topple (2021-04-23). Client journos exposed themselves over 'Dom' Cummings. thecanary.co The corporate media just exposed its own agenda with the

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