2024-07-17: News Headlines

newarab (2024-07-17). A brief history of 'human animals': From Peru to Gaza genocide>. newarab.com One of the images that haunts modern Peru is that of stray dogs: caught, tortured, strangled, and In propaganda leaflets, the Shining Path insurgency — which waged war on the Peruvian peasantry and the state from 1980 until 1992 — noted that these dogs were meant to These reformist traitors — including Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang and Z…

Robert Inlakesh (2024-07-17). US Naval Efforts Falter as Yemen's Blockade Bankrupts Israel's Eilat Port. mintpressnews.com Despite the formation of a multinational naval coalition led by the United States, the Israeli-controlled Port of Eilat has reportedly gone bankrupt and is seeking a government bailout. The situation underscores the failure of U.S.-led efforts against Yemen's Ansar Allah—known pejoratively as the Houthis—blockade in the Red Sea, enforced until Israel ends its war on Gaza. | "It must be acknowledged that the port is in a state of bankruptcy,"

(2024-07-17). Attacks, arrests, threats, censorship: The high risks of reporting the Israel-Gaza war. Mohamed Mandour

Editor (2024-07-17). Media hypocrisy in Gaza and Ukraine. workers.org Truth is the first casualty of imperialist war. The imperialist ruling class owns the corporate media. The government and the military serve that same class interest. It should be no surprise that when the politicians and generals lie, the media repeats it. The contradiction the liars faced this July is . . . |

Kip Hansen (2024-07-17). Angry Birds! Really…. wattsupwiththat.com "One is a distinctive shorebird, slightly smaller than an average sea gull, with a bright orange bill that pries open clams, oysters and other shellfish. The other is a remote-controlled gadget with rotating blades. | In the skies above Rockaway Beach in Queens, bird and drone are not, it seems, coexisting in harmony.

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2024-07-16: News Headlines

(2024-07-16). Attacks, arrests, threats, censorship: The high risks of reporting the Israel-Gaza war. Mohamed Mandour

Unicorn Riot. (2024-07-16). Milwaukee Republican National Convention Opens With Protest March. popularresistance.org Milwaukee, WI — The 2024 Republican National Convention opens Monday morning with downtown sealed behind fences and barricades, forming a large security perimeter. On opening day, the Coalition to March on the RNC is set to take the streets near the inner security zone downtown controlled by the Secret Service. The Poor People's Army (aka Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign) is also slated to march on Monday. Unicorn Riot is planning to cover events live at the beginning of the convention as conditions permit — support our coverage here. | Protesters have faced difficulties getting their mess…

Kate Horgan (2024-07-16). America's Media Literacy Deficit: Navigating Elections and Generational Divides. projectcensored.org Mickey's guest for the hour is media scholar Nolan Higdon. They discuss how the principles of critical media literacy could help the public make sense of the current, chaotic election season in the US, and also how the divide and contrasting worldviews between the older and younger generations can be…

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